Intensive agricultural operations can require more energy than the local power network can deliver. Peak loads can require some expensive upgrades to the distribution network which are often only required for short term use.

Rural areas are often only supplied with single phase power supplies. A 3 phase generator can be a cost effective solution for your workshop or operations where machinery isn’t required every day.

Rural Power supplies are often unreliable and can have considerable blackouts. Installing a mains fail generator may be a critical part of your infrastructure to prevent stock losses in the event of outages.

Our clients range from wineries, Aqua-culture, orchards, piggeries, chicken broilers and hatcheries, feedlots, irrigation and water pumping, and on-farm packing and processing facilities.

Diesel Generators, solar, and battery storage provide an additional energy source than can parallel with the available mains, or operate as a stand-alone power source, meeting peak demands, providing critical back-up, and reducing both capital expenses and operational expenses.