Pre-Mix Concrete

Case Study

Project Overview:

A new concrete batching plant was needed in a regional area, however the cost to extend the mains supply to the site was prohibitive. A decision was made to operate the plant fully off-grid using a combination of diesel generator for peak demand, supported with batteries and inverters to provide 24 hour power for essential supply. An 8.5kw solar system has been installed to keep the batteries charged and to minimise diesel consumption.

Major components:

  • MTU 440Kva Diesel Generator
  • Bulk fuel tank with automated fuel transfer pumps
  • 3 x Selectronic 7.5kw 120v Inverter/chargers
  • 18 x Power Plus Energy LiFePO4 120v battery packs
  • 20 x Trina 425 watt solar panels
  • Fronius Symo 8.2kw 3 phase Solar Inverter


All Gen Solutions undertook design, supply, installation, and ongoing management of entire project, including a regular service plan for the generator.

Remote monitoring is installed to provide system management and diagnosis.

Project Location:

Callington – South Australia


Pre-Mix Concrete